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There are ample employment opportunities for those who receive a Bachelor of Arts in Social Science with an emphasis in economics because the analytical skills of economics study are useful in the public sector as well as the private sector. Such a degree is an excellent background for careers in banking, real estate, litigation analysis, planning, government, bond trading, financial analysis, teaching and a host of other employment opportunities.

An economics background is also excellent preparation for graduate study in economics, law, business, and international relations. For example, many law schools believe economics provides one of the best backgrounds for success in legal studies, because of the logical, analytical way of thinking it teaches. Many graduate business schools prefer that their students have a broad liberal arts background, which an economics emphasis provides. Also, a considerable portion of the MBA program is based on economics. Financial theory, for example, is largely applied microeconomics. Students with good backgrounds in economics are clearly at an advantage in many MBA programs.

Program Requirements

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