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Psychology is the scientific study of how and why people think, feel, and behave as they do. Our scientific approach to understanding human behavior equips our students with a solid foundation of analytical and research skills for careers in many fields.

The psychology curriculum at UAS is intended to provide a solid foundation in quantitative methods of the science, while also allowing students to individualize their educational experience. Students may elect either a primary or a secondary concentration area in psychology. They may also simply enroll in courses of personal or professional interest. The purpose of the psychology curriculum at UAS is to prepare students for graduate study in the field and/or future careers. Thus, electives in psychology at the upper-division level have an empirical orientation, focusing on areas such as social, clinical, personality, and cognitive psychology. Students completing the program will be prepared to pursue a wide range of professional studies in psychology; some will be the next generation of psychological scientists and educators who will create and disseminate new knowledge, others will choose careers including but not limited to counseling, social work, law, education, business, and medicine.

Students who are pursuing a primary or secondary concentration in psychology and are looking for more direct, "hands on" exposure to the field may also choose to complete an independent research project, a research or teaching assistantship, or an internship within our communities. For more information, please see the psychology home page.

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