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The UAS campus calendar is the one-stop location to find out what's going on at UAS, from club events, lectures open to the public to academic dates to remember. When an event is entered into the campus calendar it also appears on Twitter and Facebook accounts (current subscriptions had over 2,000 followers).

Event Submission

If you are a UAS department, faculty or staff member you can submit your events to the UAS Campus Calendar via. the Content Management System (CMS). By using the CMS you can display your event in both the campus calendar and your departmental calendar. Visit the CMS help site for tutorials.

Non-CMS Users Web Form

Use the web form to submit information about events if you are not yet set up in the CMS or are a community member wishing to advertise your event that is occurring on the UAS campus. This step is required for reserving a room. For more information on room reservations please visit the room scheduling website.


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