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Pamela Van Houten Memorial Scholarship for Outdoor Studies

Effective Fall 2018, a $1,000 scholarship is available for students enrolled in the Outdoor Studies Program.


  • Eligible recipients will be enrolled in the Outdoor Studies program at the University of Alaska Southeast.
  • The purpose of this award is to provide financial assistance for tuition and other related educational expenses to ODS students.
  • Full time or part time students are eligible.
  • Students must submit the online scholarship application.
  • UAS Financial Aid will notify students of their award.

Qualifying students need to:

  1. Enroll at the UAS Juneau Campus in the Outdoor Studies Program.
  2. Complete the UAS/UA Foundation online scholarship application (deadline February 15) AcademicWorks
  3. Be a full-time or part-time student.

Who was Pamela?

Pamela Van Houten was a UAS alumna who epitomized the definition of a true Southeast Alaskan woman.

She attended Juneau Douglas High School, the University of Washington and the University of Alaska Southeast and thrived on learning about places and cultures around the world.

During her teenage years, she completed a solo hike of the Chilkoot Trail, traveled through Europe, lived in Sweden for a year learning to speak and think in another language, and traveled across Africa, from Kenya to Tanzania via Rwanda and Zaire, including a trek up Mount Kenya.

Pam had three great loves in life: the outdoors from which she drew great strength; intense physical activity, especially swimming and hiking; and her son Erin.

Her vocation as a Fisheries Technician provided an outdoor outlet for a keen interest in science. She built a remote cabin at Thom's Place south of Wrangell, carrying many sheets of plywood from the Wrangell Harbor dock to her skiff, and volunteered at the Petersburg Fire Department. She also traveled and hiked extensively throughout Hawaii and Southeast Alaska. Pam especially enjoyed snorkeling with her son off Oahu beaches and exploring the El Captain cave on Prince of Wales Island with her niece Kyana and nephew Kobuk.

Pam took on challenges with zest. She paddled a kayak solo around Douglas Island in one long day just to see if it could be done. Her family will remember Pam whenever they swim in the ocean or hike on a trail or a beach, recalling the fun times spent together. Adventure was a driving force for Pam, and she encouraged those around her to add some to every day.


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