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Community Areas

UAS Student Housing buildings have a variety of community areas that are designed with student needs in mind. Each of our Housing locations features study areas, communal socialization areas, and a desk location that serves resident needs.

There are also outdoor communal areas open to residents. The main Housing complex features a playground, a basketball court, a large covered pavilion, several nearby hiking trails, and convenient paved paths to the REC Center and main campus.

On campus, residents in the freshman residence hall have easy access to the nearby Noyes pavilion and campus courtyard. Access to the REC Center is also only a short, paved, walk away.

Desk Locations

Two locations in student housing offers students with additional administrative services, including package and mail pickup, equipment checkout, policy questions, and general assistance.

Checkout Items include vacuum cleaners, brooms, mops, and more. If you are in need of a different item, please contact a desk location to see if it is available:

Lodge Desk: (907) 796-6443
Freshman Residence Hall Front Desk: (907) 796-6489

After-Hours Services

When desk locations are closed, some services are still available to residents, including assistance with lockouts, housing related disturbances, and emergencies. To receive assistance after hours, please call one of our Community Advisor Cell Phones:

Main Housing Complex (Banfield Hall, Lodge, A-G Buildings): (907) 209-6539
Freshman Residence Hall: (907) 209-6534

Housing Events and Learning Opportunities

Residence Life regularly hosts and facilitates events at Housing designed to enrich the lives of residents by giving them chances to socialize, provide life skills training, and more. For example, we have regularly hosted or facilitated the following events in the past:

  • Large themed “socials” such as yearly Casino Nights that give residents the chance to unwind and connect with other residents on campus.
  • Community art projects and group games that give residents the chance to take a “study break,” engage with the community, and relax.
  • Off–campus opportunities to go hiking, camping, see a play, explore Juneau, and more.

Every year we come up with different and exciting events for our residents, so there’s always something new going on! Residents who live on campus also have more access to events that occur on main campus and at the REC Center in the evenings because of their proximity.

Live-In Staff

UAS Housing and Residence Life employs a number of highly trained live-in professional and student staff that provide many services for residents. These staff members are dedicated to enhancing the sense of community within the Housing complex, engaging with residents while inviting them to reflect on their experiences and plan for the future, and to serve as helpers and crisis responders as necessary. This same staff puts on many of the events in Housing and student staff members may share classes with residents they serve, making them role models both inside and outside of the classroom.

All Residence Life Live-In Staff are trained in:

  • First Aid and CPR
  • Mental Health First Aid
  • Suicide Prevention Techniques
  • Helping Skills that promote effective listening
  • Crisis Management
  • Student Development and Community-building

Members of both the professional and student staff are consistently on call to help residents with issues that arise 24 hours a day, including noise complaints, health and safety concerns, and lockouts.

Student Recreation Center

Student running on suspended track at REC The Recreation Center was designed with the needs of students in mind. This attractive facility complete with a running track, weight room, climbing gym, dance studio, basketball courts, classrooms, and a student activities center presents a wide array of activities students need to take a well deserved break from studies. Just a short walk away from Student Housing, this facility is connected to the housing complex and the freshman residence hall by a short, paved trail.

Food/Dining Services

On-Campus dining is made available for the convenience of all housing residents. There are multiple dining locations around campus, including a large food service grill and hot line, multiple convenience stores, and a coffee shop.


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