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Faculty/Staff in Residence Opportunity
University of Alaska Southeast
Juneau Campus

Call for Applications

Meaningful student-faculty interaction is essential to high quality learning experiences. Moreover, student-faculty interactions outside of the classroom are known to be critical to student engagement and retention. Kuh(2005) indicates that "regular contact can reduce the psychological distance between faculty and students and increase perceptions of accessibility."

The Faculty/Staff-in-Residence program is being created to provide faculty / staff (and their families) the opportunity to live and interact with students in Juneau campus housing.


The Faculty/Staff-in-Residence (FIR) is expected to bring an educational focus into student housing through the implementation of planned programmatic events in addition to regular informal interactions with the community. Typical programs provide opportunities for intellectual, artistic, and social learning experiences. For examples of programmatic opportunities, see link for full advertisement.

Appointment Particulars

The Faculty/Staff-in-Residence lives in a furnished on-campus apartment with utilities included in the Juneau campus housing complex at the family housing rate in exchange for substantive participation in the life of the residential community.

FIR must complete a formal Housing Contract and abide by all policies and procedures as outlined. The only tenants allowed to reside in the designated apartment are a legal spouse and / or legal dependents. Tenants and guests are expected to adhere to University policies, including those policies regarding pets in university-housing.


Applicants for the position of FIR must be full-time faculty who regularly teach undergraduate general education courses or staff who regularly engage with students as part of their position responsibilities. They should demonstrate their commitment to student-faculty interaction beyond the classroom to foster student success.

Faculty/Staff in Residence Candidates must be nominated by their academic department, supervisor or a senior administrator at The University of Alaska Southeast. A review committee will be composed of the The Director of Campus Life, The Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management & Student Affairs, The Provost, a designee from The Office of Housing and Residence Life, and a designee from academic affairs.

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