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Device Usage on the UAS Wireless Network

UAS provides a secured (UAS) and unsecured (UAS Guest) wireless network throughout campus and Student Housing. Certain consumer products use similar wireless technology as our network and cause interoperability issues with our wireless network, such as wireless signal overlap and network congestion. Use of these devices results in the inability of our residents and guests to reliably connect to our wireless network.

In such cases, UAS cannot effectively determine the cause of reported connectivity issues or guarantee wireless network stability.

Unpermitted Devices

The following devices are not permitted and may cause loss of network privileges:

Wireless Routers, Access Points, etc.
Any device that broadcasts a wireless network that can be seen on a laptop or mobile device; this is the number one cause of network interference.
Cellular Hotspots
Utilizing your cellular data plan for internet connectivity on another device. In addition to blocking the network, this is a security issue for your devices.
Wi-Fi Direct Technology
Any device that creates a peer to peer wireless network between two or more electronic components. Examples of such include the Roku 3 and other devices that allow streaming from audio and video content from a personal media player.

Permitted Only if Properly Configured

The following devices are permitted if configured properly on the UAS network only:

Apple Time Capsule, Apple TV, printers, Sony PS3 and PS4, Amazon Fire TV
These devices and those similar to them should not present interference with the UAS wireless network if configured to work within the network. It is recommended that you set passcodes for your devices to prevent others from accessing your device.

NOTE: Any device that broadcasts a wireless network is going to have an impact on our wireless infrastructure. For example, enabling “Remote Play” on a PS4 will cause this approved device to broadcast its own network.


If all residents respect these parameters, the UAS wireless network can accommodate all users and functions. Repeat offenders of this policy will be considered as a conduct violation under Failure to Comply with University directive.


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