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Interim Provost Appointed

Juneau, Alaska
Date of Press Release: 07-24-2015

The University of Alaska Southeast announces the appointment of Ketchikan Campus Director Dr. Priscilla Schulte as UAS Interim Provost for the coming academic year. A search for a permanent Provost is slated to commence in August.

Dr. Schulte will begin her new assignment on August 9, 2015. She is expected to remain in the role through the 2015-2016 academic year with a hope that a new provost will be on board in early summer 2016. Dr. Schulte will remain Ketchikan Campus Director but she will move to Juneau for the duration of this assignment. She will continue to return to Ketchikan periodically over the course of the academic year. In her interim role, Dr. Schulte will represent UAS in important leadership venues including Board of Regents and Summit Team meetings and Statewide Academic Council.

UAS faculty, deans and directors expressed support for this arrangement — noting Dr. Schulte’s long and distinguished career at UAS as a tenured full professor, an active researcher, and most recently a highly-effective campus director.

“I personally am very grateful for Dr. Schulte’s willingness to take on this assignment. I know that she will serve UAS well as Interim Provost. I also know that she will ensure that the good work of Ketchikan Campus faculty and staff will continue during the interim. I am committed to supporting her and Ketchikan personnel in fulfilling that expectation,” said Chancellor Rick Caulfield.

“It is an honor to be chosen as the interim Provost of UAS, ” said Dr. Schulte. “Over the years, I have enjoyed working with the faculty, staff, and students from all three campuses and I look forward to this new role.”


Katie Bausler

University of Alaska Southeast