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Law Enforcement Program

Is a career in law enforcement or the justice field for you? Professions in the justice and law enforcement fields call for individuals with a strong sense of purpose, commitment, and dedication to their communities and public service. A wide range of career opportunities are possible.

UAS Sitka's Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree in Law Enforcement provides the academic foundation to get you started, or to enhance your existing career.

Recent high school graduate? Make the most of your time while waiting to reach 21, the age of eligibility for most police academies and sworn enforcement positions by getting your AAS degree in law enforcement. Be more qualified and competitive during the hiring process.

Mid-career Law Enforcement Professional? Invest in your career and promotion potential by enhancing your knowledge and qualifications for the next step with an AAS degree.

Justice Career Explorer? Think beyond the badge - even if you’re not sure which area of justice you’re pursuing, the law enforcement program’s courses and AAS degree provide the core education to discover your interests.

Working in a related field? An education in law enforcement processes and procedures can help you understand the challenges on the justice side of government and public administration.

Why UAS Sitka’s Law Enforcement Degree Program?

  • Designed for busy people - study, interact with other students, and complete your work via the web-based platform - anytime, anywhere.
  • Our classes are taught by instructors with current field enforcement experience
  • Courses and credits earned are transferable to UAA and UAF degree programs

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Law Enforcement Program

The A.A.S. degree is an online learning program - taught entirely via a web-based platform. Students must have computer access and a stable internet connection.

  • Most course textbooks are available in electronic form for e-readers, tablets, and online access.
  • Students participate in online discussion boards, submit assignments, and take exams via the Blackboard platform.
  • Study, participate, and complete course work anytime, anywhere with a tablet, laptop, or computer and an internet connection.
  • Do you want to know if online learning is a good fit for you? See this tutorial "Is Online Learning Right for Me?" to find out more.

Law Enforcement Program

The Sitka Campus of UAS does not charge non-resident tuition to American citizens.

We are also considered a military-friendly campus by the US Veterans Administration.

Our Student Success advisors are on hand to help you find and apply for available scholarships and grants. Please refer to our Paying-For-College section for an overview of your options.

Available scholarships specific to this area of study include:

CategoryTitleDeadlineApplication Package
Law EnforcementSitka Campus Tuition Waiver - Law EnforcementNo DeadlineUAS Scholarship
Law EnforcementUA Foundation Scholarships - Law EnforcementNo DeadlineUA Foundation

Sample Job Titles, Classifications, and Descriptions

Finding jobs, particularly within large government agencies, often requires understanding particular job titles or classifications.  We’ve identified some of the most commonly used titles and classifications for justice-related jobs in Alaska and the federal government, in addition to listing common titles and/or sources for local and private sector jobs.  As you can see from these lists, there are many career opportunities within the field of justice!

Jobs in the justice field often have multiple qualification requirements including but not limited to: 

  • Specific education or degree requirements
  • Specific types of experience
  • Background checks to determine suitability for sensitive positions
  • Drug testing
  • Physical and medical standards

Possible employers could include: 

  • State of Alaska
  • U.S. Government
  • Local Governments 
  • Private Sector 


“Online learning is ideal for people who work shifts or travel frequently and can't attend campus-based classes. It's a program designed for the way we live now.” 

-Sherrie Tinsley Myers, Assistant Professor of Justice 

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