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Each Campus (see links on left) has further resources such as Student Services, Learning Centers, Student Government, and campus information.

Still have questions?

The staff and faculty at UAS are here for you, so don't hesitate to give us a call if you have a question or need some help. A good place to start is by calling 907-796-6100 (toll free at 877-465-4827). If we don't know the answer we will find out!


Spike the Whale

UAS Mascot


Important Dates

Oct 30

8:00 AM: Spring 2018 Class Schedule Web Search Available at UAOnline

Oct 31

8:00 AM: Spring 2018 Class Schedule Search Available on UAS Website

Oct 31

All Day: Deadline for Late Fall Graduation Application

Nov 3

All Day: Deadline to Withdraw from Full-Term Classes

Nov 7

8:15 AM: UAS Power & Privilege Symposium

Nov 13

All Day: Spring 2018 Registration Begins (UAS program students)

Nov 23

All Day: Thanksgiving Closure

New Incident Reporting Portal

Incident reporting

Web-based reporting has replaced paper incident and accident forms system-wide.  Any UA employee or student may report an incident by logging on to our Incident Public Reporting Portal using your UA ID # or UA Username and password.  For more information, visit our reporting portal information page.

More Information

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